Native Brook Trout Fishing at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges

Fly Fishing Guiding

at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges in VA Blue Ridge

Yung fisherlady on Rose River at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges - fly fishing
Mountain Stream Fly Fishing at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges in VA Bluw Ridge
Fishing on two stocked ponds at Graves Mountain

Fly Fishing Guide in Virginia Blue Ridge - for beginner to advanced trout fishing 

Beginner-learner guiding
Our guide, local Tim Lewis - see to right or below for Tim's bio - can start the beginner-learner out on the stream and supply the basic gear to bein with on the stream.

You will start off learning
- about the equipment
- what critters are in the water, rising through it and off
- how to cast
- flies - dry and wet
- how the fish think
- how we think
- environment 

Guiding Sessions with equipment are half or full day, Fri PM, Sat all day or half day in the PM, Sun in AM.

$325 half day
$600 full day

Need a VA Fishing License and Trout Stamp.
:: see here >

Reserve online - below - or email, call 540 923 4231,

Advanced Fly Fishing Guiding for Mountain Native Trout

Refining the techniques for small mountain stream fly fishing, here in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.

The guide, will help you refine tight fishing skills where delicacy meets hard work accessing many of the best stream spots.

To reserve, use the above booking links and note that you want to do mountain stream access.

Need a VA Fishing License and Trout Stamp.
:: see here >

Spring Fly Fishing Clinics at Graves Mountain farm & Lodges - 2 mountain streams
Tim Lewis Fly Fishing Guide at Graves Mountain Farm and Lodges on the Rose and Robinson Rivers in the VA Blue Ridge

Your Fly Fishing Guide
at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges

Tim Lewis
A Virginia native, Tim grew up exploring the natural world and knew from a young age that a desk job was not for him. Having earned a BS and MS in outdoor recreation, Tim has also worked as an outdoor trip leader, fly fishing guide, lifeguard, ranch hand, and recreation programmer throughout the years.

He enjoys working with people of all ages, animals big and small, and in all outdoor environments. He enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, kayaking, and spending time with friends and family in his free time. Tim currently lives in Madison County with his two redbone coonhounds - Kyro and Harley.

Book a private session on waters with Tim

Call 540 923 4231

The Tackle Shop at the Market - Deli & Tackle, at Syria village crossroads
between the Rose & Robinson Rivers

Rods, reels, waders, flies, spinners, bait. from moderate to "just get on the river".