Nature Walk at Graves with "In True Nature"

Jenn Mintz - Nature walk Saturday Mornings - one of our many free activities

Jenn Mintz - Nature walk Saturday Mornings - one of our free learaning/discoveries

Nature Walk at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges
Sat 11:00 AM at Main Lodge Porch, 1 to 1 ½  hr,

Join guides, Jenn & Daniel Mintz, for a nature walk exploring the Graves Mountain property. FREE learning experience--all are welcome! On this stroll through the grounds we will experience everything from the banks of the Rose River to the tops of trees. 

We will awaken our senses and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature while learning about what’s happening to the plants and critters.  

Our guides from In True Nature will share a bit of the natural and human history of this special part of Appalachian foothills and will encourage you to discover the beauty in both the everlasting and the critical changes that surround us. 

Together we will explore the plant medicines that have been used for generations, the foods provided to people and wildlife, and the other opportunities that Mother Nature provides.