Halloween 2020
in 16 Parts, October 31

BOOgrass jamming, scaring, having family style meals, and learning.
Yes, learning.

All with Physical Distancing.

Or SCARY Masks Preferred

Part 1 -  Fri Eve - Sat Eve
Bluegrass Jamming
Friday Eve and Sat.
Let's call it Boo-grass this weekend.
The Jammers are free-form in the Campground. As always.
Plese bring your instrument and sit in, bring a camp chair and listen, cruise from RV to RV, listening. Free unless camping, the $10 per person per night.

Read more about Bluegrass Jamming :: >

Please see camping here ::>

Boograssing Jam at Graves Mountain

Part 2 - 8 to 10 AM
- Big Family Style Breakfast
Costumes welcome please at the Lodge - 8 to 10 AM.
Please see Farm Restaurant details ::>

Brekfst family style at Graves Mountain

Part 3 -  9 AM
Collecting Chicken Eggs and feeding the girls.
Hand tickles guaranteed for all who try. At the front lawn chicken coop. Free Activity.

Collecting eggs and feeding chickens at Graves Mountain Farm

Part 4  - 9:45 AM
At the Farm - walking the pet pigs Bootise and Ellie.
Feeding and playing with the goats. Meeting BB the new calf. Free Activity for all ages.

Pet pig wlk t Graves Mountain Farm

Part 5 - 11 AM - 12:30 PM
- Nature getting ready for winter months - what Halloween is about in Nature. Free.
A nature walk with Jenn and Daniel Mintz of In True Nature. Starts at the Main Lodge porch. Inside lecture learning with fireplace if weather calls.
Free Activity.

In True Nature nature walk at Graves Mountin Farm

Part 6
- Lunch in the Farm Restaurant - 12 to 2 PM
Pulled Pork and Chicken Smoked BBQ with 6 other choices.
Kids Meals from $7
Costumes welcome please. Reservations please -  540 923 4231.
Please see Farm Restaurant details ::>

Meatloaf Homestyle - Lunch at Graves Farm Restaurant

Part 7 - 1:30 - 2:00 PM
Horse Show and Tell at the Stables in the Farmyard.

Learn about your horse at Graves Mountain Farm Stables

Part 8 - 4 PM - 5 PM
- Raptor Encounters
- Our First Graves' Earthquest Flying Birds of Prey Show.

Steve Hoddy and Robert and are making Graves their home base and this will be their first show, learning, discovery show

$7 Big Folks to 8 years - 6 an under free. On the Lodge side lawn amphitheater, in Picnic Pavilion if rainy.

Please bring your own lawn chair or blanket. No seats provided. Physical distance. If inside because of weather, masks and distance, please.

Read about Raptor Encounters with Earthquest :: >

Pre-purchase tickets here :: >

Steve Hoddy at Graves Mountain Farm with the Condor.
Owl at the Birds of Prey show at Graves Mountain Farm

Part 9 - 4:30 to 5:30 PM
- An informal Costume Walk in the Campground
with BOOGrass Jammers leading the way.

Costume Parade -before Covid Time

Part 10  - 5 to 7:30 PM Boograss Bluegrass on the Porch
Bluegrass Music on the Front Porch - with Smokin' Trout. Bar - with local draft beers and our local superb wines by Ducard, local moonshine specials and limited spirits.


Part 11 -  5 to 8 PM
- Trunk-n-Treat at the Graves Market, Deli and Tackle at the Crossroads of Boo and . Set up a car trunk with goodies to give your neighbors to ward off.
Or come and visit trunks for a small town Trick or Treat for the hollow here and our guests. Live vulture and owl with Steve Hoddy - Earthquest.

Trunk n Treat at Graves Mountain Market


Vulture visitor at Trunk n Treat at Graves Mountain Market

Part 12 - 6 to 8 PM 
 - Smoked BBQ Dinner
BBQ Chicken, Ribs, Brisket, Veg Lasagna, Meatloaf BLT - $24 with family style sides and Dessert Selection. Local wines, beers and spirits.
Kids Meal -$7
Reservations please - Covid - 540 923 4231.
Please see Farm Restaurant details ::>

Smoked BBQ Saturday at Graves Mountain Farm Restaurant

Part 13 - 7 to 11 PM
- Haunting the Apple Shed
The Graves’ Ginormous Shed Gets the HURTS-OVER FOR SCARY.
Transformed into the misty mystery that you were told never to go to  - except in packs - for protection.
Watch out or you’ll end up as applesauce.

  • Our local hollow family - the Hurts - have assembled a scary journey through the old Apple Shed. Our version of the Hunted House at the corner of Boo and Scream. $10 Adults to 11 yrs., Kids 10 and under -  Free

Trunk n Treat at Graves Mountain Farm

Trunl n Treat at Graves Mountin Farm

Part 14  - 7 PM to 8:30 PM
Yoga Nidra at the Pavilion
- with a big fire in the fireplace.
Relaxation Yoga that opens the veil to the "other world".
Maybe not ghosts but a cleansed mind. Bring mats and sleeping bags to stay off the concrete floor, please. $15 pp. Kids free. Led by Rebecca of Pranapiloga.
- Sign up at Front Desk, please and pay there.

Yoga Nidra at Graves Mountain Farm

 Part 15  - 7 PM on at Main Lodge
- Firepit and S'mores
At Main Lodge. Who will be telling stories to chill with? You?
Physical distance please.

Room at Grves Mountain Farm

Part 16 - bed, please
Nothing scary here. 

That's enough for the day, do you agree?