Massages at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges

with Jenn and Leighenne
with CDC precautions of course

Learning & Discovering
about how the body and brain work

Your choice (and the weather's)
In-room, outside in nature, or a private meeting room.

Now available with CDC precautions. Please book with the reservation desk. In room or in the Library.

$90 per hr. Please give us at least a day to arrange with Jenn or Leighenne as their schedules are busy.

Massage can be 60, 90, or 120 minutes.

What Styles
Both therapeutic and relaxation approaches.

Treatments are catered to meet your needs, whether preparing for or recovering from an outdoor adventure or wanting to promote relaxation for your stay at the Graves Mountain Farm

Reiki is a meditative practice that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes a positive mental state through gentle touch.

From Jenn- Graves Mountain Specialties

Oils infused from local plants will be incorporated into the session to add a sense of grounding, relief and rejuvenation to mind and body.

A slow,  flowing session to promote calm and deep relaxation that incorporate warming or cooling towels to allow the body to help balance the body as tensions release away.

This session will incorporate the ancient practice of  marma to release energetic and physical stagnation. Marma points are said to access the inner pharmacy and allow for healing, balance and harmony.

The warmth from heated river stones support the body in relaxation and recovery.

Masks/Foot scrubs (add on to be booked in advance) at additional cost

Irish moss, Seaweed scrubs on hands and feet.

Elements Yoga :
Be guided in breath and body to bring mind and body into balance. Whether your body is seeking movement after the journey to Graves Mountain Farm or length and rejuvenation after an outdoor adventure, these sessions are catered to support you. These sessions can be enjoyed on the Farm grounds by the flow of the river or under the shade of trees and meet you breath and body just where they are, whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner.

Private (1 person):
Semi-private (up to 5people)

Yoga and Massage Packages:

Breathe and Release : Start with a yoga practice to warm and elongate the body to allow for a deeply beneficial massage . (60min yoga + 60,90 or 120m Massage)