Watercolor rt Workshop with Lou Messa t Grves Mountain

Art Workshops
Watercolor Landscapes with our renowned landscape artist and mentor, Lou Messa

Learning and Discovery at Graves Mountain Farm

Monthly workshops on Saturday, $175 per person, limited to four. Lou is a painter of America’s rural heritage.

Regular monthly schedule and also guests can pre-book their own group with a minimum of three people.

  • June 4
  • July 9
  • August 6
  • Continues each month - usually the first Saturday

How long?
From 10 AM to 3:30 PM

Who for?
The workshop suits students of all levels - beginner to advanced painters.

You can be a beginner, - an “ I could never do that” person -  and Lou will guide you to a finished landscape. Because the workshop is small, Lou will mentor all levels.

What You Need
Let us know that you would like Lou to provide everything that you need for the class  and he will supply it.

Otherwise - if you have equipment, please bring it.

  • Your own brushes and paints.
  • If you do not have then Lou will loan you his, but please not that when your reserve your place.
  • Image -  set aside a photo of a landscape that you would like to paint, find one on the property or borrow another workshopper's ideas.

Lou Provides
Lou will provide papers and boards for painting. We just work on a flat table.

For a lunch from the market, there will be a charge.

A selection of the best local vineyard, brewery and moonshine is available to make the brushes hum.

The Main Lodge Porch at  205 Graves Mountain Lane, Syria VA.

Lou's Resume
Lou trained at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and has been a student of the landscapes of the Blue Ridge for thirty years.  He show in four galleries and you can see his work at the Graves Mountain Market - in our watercolor front porch gallery.

A local resident, Lou has been a professional painter since 1970. His style reflects the country landscapes and buildings which he paints, lush landscapes and old, run-down buildings, painted with exquisite detail.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Lou spend three years studying at the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts after high school. Once drafted into the Army, he became an illustrator, and once out of the service, he decided that he wanted to paint for a living. Cue a change of scenery as he and his family moved from Pennsylvania to the rural area of Madison, Virginia.

Lou prefers the country, both to paint and to live in.  He says he's a country boy at heart and his paintings reflect that love.  Old weather-beaten barns, winding country roads and overgrown pastures are favorite subjects for his detailed paintings.  He is also recording some vestiges of rural Americana that are fast disappearing, the barns painted with "Mail Pouch Tobacco" or "Coca Cola" and also some of the structures carefully built with stone and mortar or handhewn timber by immigrant hands.

Lou Messa works with watercolor or acrylic, rendering his images with great precision and detail.  His preferred palette is monochromatic browns and earth tones enlivened by concentrated bursts of localized color.







Lou Messa Art Workshop at Graves Mountain Farm - monthly on first Saturday
Lou Messa Art Workshop at Graves Mountain Farm - monthly on first Saturday
Lou Messa Art Workshop at Graves Mountain Farm - monthly on first Saturday
Lou Messa Art Workshop at Graves Mountain Farm - monthly on first Saturday
Lou Messa Art Workshop at Graves Mountain Farm - monthly on first Saturday