Yoga Private Lessons at Graves Mountain Farm & Lodges

Yoga with Jenn Mintz of In True Nature
Learning & Discovery

There not regular classes except during the Music Festival.
Please speak with our Guest Care to arrange a private or small group class for you. | 540 923 4231

In a meeting room or outdoors on a lawn, by trees, when weather permits.

Any level, need or focus - the class will be designed to suit your body and mind

60 mins class for 1 to 3 - $110
60 mins class for  4 to 5 - $135
Masssage - can be combined with Yoga as Jenn does both $200 and up depending on number in Yoga

Elements Yoga :
Be guided in breath and body to bring mind and body into balance. Whether your body is seeking movement after the journey to Graves Mountain Farm or length and rejuvenation after an outdoor adventure, these sessions are catered to support you.

These sessions can be enjoyed on the Farm grounds by the flow of the river or under the shade of trees and meet you breath and body just where they are, whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner.

Packages with Massage
Breathe and Release : Start with a yoga practice to warm and elongate the body to allow for a deeply beneficial massage . 60min yoga + 60,90 or 120m Massage