Merchants Grocery Company Christmas ConferenceGraves’ Mountain Lodge offers an ideal setting for your next business meeting, overnight retreat or conference. Forget the worries of the fast-paced world and escape to our mountain resort for some tranquility. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish when you are in a stress-free environment. Relax and enjoy the beautiful countryside and our delicious home-cooked meals!

Groups are given the flexibility to design their own conference agendas. Conference rooms can be arranged to meet your group’s style and personality — theater-style, classroom style (with or without tables), conference style, or chairs arranged informally in a U-shape or semicircle. Some A/V equipment, telephone internet hookups and other meeting equipment are available. Consult our Director of Resort Sales for more information.

After a long morning at work, join us in our dining room for a delicious old-fashioned, home-cooked meal. We are willing to work with your group to arrange meal times that will fit your meeting agenda. Please make any requests for meal time changes at least two weeks prior to your arrival date.

Overnight groups staying in our motel rooms will wake up to spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our two motel units, Hilltop and Ridgecrest, are located on the hill behind the Main Lodge. Each room has two queen-size beds and a full bath. We also offer secluded cabins and cottages that are located around the Graves Mountain Lodge property. Rates are listed as per person per day and include three full meals per day. Taxes and gratuity are extra. Discounted rates apply for groups staying at least four nights with us. Contact our Director of Resort Sales for more information.

Graves’ Mountain Lodge is happy to provide food and beverages for your mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks. We have a variety of combinations from which to choose. Don’t miss our homemade sweet rolls and cookies! Please inform us of your break times and what food and beverage selections you would like to have at least two weeks prior to your scheduled conference. Morning breaks will be cleared at lunch time. Only food and beverages prepared by Graves’ Mountain lodge will be served in the Small and Larges Lounge meeting areas. The prices listed below are per person, per break. Taxes and gratuity are extra. All prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

Beverages: Coffee, Tea & Water $1.50
Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Soda & Water $2.25
Beverages and Sweet Rolls $4.50
Beverages and Cookies $4.50
Beverages and Fruit Tray $4.75
Beverages, Sweet Rolls, and Fruit Tray $8.50
Beverages, Cookies and Fruit Tray $8.75
Beverages, Fruit Tray and Cheese Tray $9.50

The use of one meeting space is complimentary for overnight groups reserving 20 or more rooms and for day meetings of more than 30 people having lunch or dinner with us. The meeting space is complimentary as long as the conference is paying the regular Grave’s Mountain Lodge rates. Otherwise, meeting space is $100.00 per day. Also, there is a $50.00 charge for each resetting of your area. For example, the room is set conference style and then set theater style.

The Large Lounge:
(approx. 45’ x 50’)
* located in the lower level of the Main Lodge
* can seat up to 72 people at round tables
* can seat up to 100 people theater-style
* has a large stone fireplace

The Small Lounge:
(approx. 23’ x 25’)
*located in the lower level of the Main Lodge
*can seat up to 36 people at round tables
*can seat up to 50 people theater-style
* has a large stone fireplace

Conference Room 115:
(approx. 23’ x 25’)
*located in the Ridgecrest Motel
*can seat up to 24 people at tables
*can seat up to 50 people theater-style
*has a small refrigerator
*has a chalkboard

Conference Room 215:
(approx. 18’ x 25’)
*located in the Ridgecrest Motel
*can seat up to 14 people at tables
*can seat up to 25 people theatre-style

Other areas of the Lodge may be used as meeting space. Please contact the Director of Resort Sales for availability of each room. A phone/data line connection is available for those groups that wish to make business calls or have access to their internet or e-mail provider while in the conference rooms. A second invoice will be made to reflect any long-distance telephone charges, photocopies, or faxes sent or received in the Main Office.

Upon request, the following equipment is available for your group’s use. All equipment is available on a first-come, first-serve basis and at the rates listed below. Please make requests for equipment when you schedule the conference.

*LCD Projector – $100/day
*TV – $30.00/day
*VCR & DVD- $30.00/day
*Overhead Projector w/screen – $30.00/day
*White Board – $15.00/day
*Movie Screen – $15.00/day
*White Dry Erase Board – $15.00/day/board
*Telephone Line – $25.00/line/day
*P A System – $60.00
*Chalkboard – no charge
*Easel – no charge
*Extension Cords – no charge
*Free-standing Podium – no charge
*Table-top Podium – no charge

(You must provide your own paper, markers, chalk, overhead film, etc.)
rates effective January 1, 2012