Wedding Outdoors At Graves Mountain Lodge

For more than 140 years, five generations of the Graves’ family have been innkeepers in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Syria, Virginia. Today we continue the family tradition of “making friends and keeping people” at Graves Mountain Lodge. By combining this beautiful mountain setting with our gracious hospitality, Graves’ Mountain Lodge is the ideal location for a wedding and reception. We want to help make your wedding day a special occasion for you and your guests.

Wedding Cake at Graves Mountain LodgeGraves Mountain Lodge offers versatility and flexibility in the planning of your big day so that you can customize your dream wedding. During the warmer months, you may choose to have your wedding ceremony outside on our scenic grounds and the reception in one of our outdoor pavilions; or during the winter months, arrange to have your wedding ceremony and reception indoors at the Lodge and surround yourself with the warm glow of our fireplaces. Your wedding reception can be a casual afternoon social or an elaborate evening of dining and dancing. You can make the reception as formal or as informal as you like. We will work with you and your budget.

Wedding at Graves Mountain LodgeMany wedding couples choose Graves’ Mountain Lodge simply for the ease of having their wedding and reception plus guests’ accommodations all in one convenient location. There’s hiking, fishing, a country store, swimming and horseback riding just to name a few activities located at the Lodge or in the charming town of Syria. Our goal is for your guests to leave saying that they had “just plain old fun.”

Look through our information for all kinds of ideas and then call us to discuss your wedding and/or reception plans. Best wishes to you on your happy occasion. We look forward to having you come and experience the bounty at Graves’ Mountain Lodge.

Wedding Reception

Graves Mountain Lodge Wedding ReceptionGraves’ Mountain Lodge can help you arrange a wedding reception that complements your ceremony. You can choose to hold the reception for a minimum of 75 guests in one of our outdoor pavilions located alongside the Rose River. The Sycamore pavilion can seat up to 400 guests, and the Chimney Rock pavilion is ideal for an intimate party of 150 or less. Either pavilion can be used for formal and informal dinners — the choice is yours! If you expect to have 75 or less guests at your wedding and would prefer holding the reception indoors, please consult the Events Coordinator for availability of banquet rooms at the Lodge. Meals at the Lodge are served either family-style or buffet-style. We are willing to work with any special requests you may have.

Formal Dinner at the Lodge: (for 75 or less guests during Graves’ Mountain Lodge regular season)
A private banquet room in the Lodge
Lodge tables covered with white tablecloths (other colors optional at additional cost)
Lodge dogwood pattern china, napkins, stainless flatware, and glasses (other patterns optional)
Condiments are placed on individual tables. Full Wait Staff. Iced tea, lemonade, coffee and water provided.

Informal Buffet Dinner at an Outdoor Pavilion:
The use of one of the outdoor pavilions

Picnic tables covered with white or red checkered tablecloths (other colors optional at additional cost) Meal and beverages served on casual paper products

A separate table will be set up for iced tea, lemonade and water

Formal Buffet Dinner at an Outdoor Pavilion:
The use of one of the outdoor pavilions. 60” round tables covered with white tablecloths, 8 guests maximum per table (other colors optional at additional cost). Folding white plastic chairs. China plates, cloth napkins, and stainless flatware

Condiments are placed on individual tables.
We provide iced tea, lemonade and water.

Extra charges may apply for any additional costs which may be incurred by Graves’ Mountain Lodge for requested services. The setup and cleanup of all decorations will be your responsibility.

Wedding Service
Wedding Ceremony and Reception ——— $ 2,500.00

Services provided:

Wedding and reception planning assistance

Sites for both the wedding and reception. Reception site is considered one location for all entertaining.

Pre-wedding and pre-reception preparation and set up. As long as space is available, decorating may begin 10:00 a.m. on the day prior to your wedding.

One-hour rehearsal on the day prior to the wedding at a designated time and location

Services of a cake cutter

Complimentary lattice work located behind cake table and memory table, if requested

Complimentary podium for guest registration, if requested

Complimentary gift table, if requested

Complimentary Highchairs (2) if desired

Complimentary Patio Heaters (2) if needed

A six-hour time allotment for the wedding and reception. A fee of $175.00 per hour applies for each additional hour exceeding the time allotted. All entertainment must end by 10:30 p.m.

Wedding Reception Only ——— $1,850.00

Services provided:
Reception planning assistance
A site for the reception. Reception site is considered one location for all entertaining.
Pre-reception preparation and set up. As long as space is available, decorating may begin 10:00 a.m. on the day prior to your reception.
Services of a cake cutter.
Complimentary Highchairs(2) if desired
Complimentary Patio Heaters(2) if needed
Complimentary lattice work for cake table or memory table, if requested
Complimentary gift table, if requested
A five-hour time allotment for the reception. A fee of $175.00 per hour applies for each additional hour exceeding the time allotted. All entertainment must end by 10:30 p.m.
The non-refundable fees listed above are due within ten days of booking the event.
A deposit for half of the expected charges will be due one month prior to the event with the balance due two weeks before the event. Any remaining balance will be invoiced following the wedding and/or reception.
In consideration of other Lodge guests and neighbors, we ask that all music be kept at reasonable levels.
All food and beverage services must be provided by Graves’ Mountain Lodge, Inc.
Please refer to our reception menus and alcoholic beverage information for pricing.
Extra charges may apply for any additional services which Graves’ Mountain Lodge can provide that are not listed above.
The prices listed exclude Virginia Sales Tax, Madison County Meal Tax and Gratuity. During the month of October, weddings will have a five percent increase on all fees and charges. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
Net 30 days applies to all remaining balances. A 2% finance charge will be assessed on invoices over 30 days.
Please make checks payable to Graves’ Mountain Lodge, Inc.
A $30.00 service charge will be applied for checks returned by the bank.

Wedding Menu
(Each of the following appetizers will serve approximately 50 people) We also can make delicious
Light Snacks (nuts, pretzels, goldfish, etc.) $41.50 Ham Biscuits $20.75/dz
Round Cheese Ball with Crackers $46.75 Stuffed Mushrooms w/crab $22.95/dz
Vegetables with Dip $88.25 Assorted Tea Sandwiches $15.50/dz
Assorted Fruits with Dip $102.95 Confetti Bites
Assorted Cheeses and Crackers $144.50 Spinach Squares
Ask the Events Coordinator for other appetizer availability and pricing.

Dinner Entrees (served buffet)
Picnic Style (Outdoor Pavilion) Formal (Outdoor Pavilion & Lodge)
Fried Chicken $22.95 $39.25
Lemon-Pepper Chicken $22.95 $39.25
Baked Chicken $22.95 $39.25
Roast Turkey $23.95 $41.25
Country Ham $27.00 $43.50
Roast Beef $35.50 $52.25
Rainbow Trout $37.50 $55.25
Rib-eye Steak $44.00 $62.50
Prime Rib $46.95 $64.95
Beef Tenderloin $54.25 $78.95
Seafood Selections
Crab, Shrimp, or Oysters) Seasonal Market Prices

Choice of Four Vegetables: Please select one vegetable from each column
Mashed Potatoes Lima Beans Baby Carrots Yellow Squash
Buttered Potatoes with Parsley Green Peas Black-eyed Peas Mixed Vegetable Casserole
Creamy Scalloped Potatoes String Beans Harvard Beets Stewed Tomatoes
Baked Potatoes Steamed Broccoli Corn on the Cob (in season) Succotash
Wild Rice or White Rice Cauliflower Corn Pudding Spinach

Choice of Five Salads/Fruits: Please select from the columns below
Macaroni Salad Spinach Salad w/Strawberries Black Eyed-Pea Salad Fast Fixing Salad
Pasta Primavera Salad Tossed Garden Salad Three Bean Salad Applesauce
Zesty Spaghetti Salad Mushroom Lettuce Salad Rainbow Bean Salad Baked Apples
Potato Salad Mandarin Orange Lettuce Salad Cole Slaw Fresh Fruit in Season
If you have a favorite item not listed, please inquire.

The dinner meal includes the entree, a choice of four vegetables and five salads/fruits, homemade rolls, and beverage bar. The above cost is for a one-hour serving time. All prices are per person and do not include tax and gratuity. No charge for children under four years old. We must have the total number of guests (including children under four years old) attending two weeks prior and this will be the minimum number charged. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

Wedding and/or Reception Fee:
The non-refundable Wedding and/or Reception Fee will be required to hold the Graves’ Mountain Location desired location. If no deposit is received within 10 days of booking the event, we cannot guarantee that the location will be available for you.
Chair Rental:

Graves’ Mountain Lodge is the sole provider of rental chairs. Chairs can be rented for the wedding at $4.50 each chair. Graves’ Mountain Lodge will also rent altars, pedestals and arches. The cost will also include a delivery fee of $100.00. Chairs will be set up and taken down by Graves’ Mountain Lodge at no extra cost.
All appetizers and beverages are an additional expense. A bartender is required if you are having alcoholic beverages. If a formal reception, glass will be used at the bar for the social prior to the wedding reception dinner. After dinner, all beverages from the bar will be served out of plastic cups. If you wish to have glassware during this time, there will be an additional cost of $2.00 per person..
Dinner Reception at Outdoor Pavilion:

All meals are served buffet style regardless of whether you choose Formal or Informal dining. For Formal dinners, the food is served in silver serving pieces along with china and flatware. A beverage table is provided at no extra cost. Beverages include water, iced tea, and lemonade. If desired, you may have Full Wait Staff. In this case, you would not have a beverage table as glassware would be placed on the table, and someone would pour the beverages at the table. If you wish to have Full Wait Staff during dinner, the extra cost is $8.00 which will be added to the meal charge. This service would include serving coffee and the wedding cake.

Included in the cost for the Formal dinner reception is the set up of the tables. An extra expense will incur if you would like to use a colored tablecloth. There is no extra expense if using the white tablecloths with a six-inch overhand. All glassware, silverware, and chinaware (except cups and saucers) is included in the cost per person.
Coffee Service:
Coffee Service during the dessert portion of your reception is complimentary with paper/styrofoam. To have Coffee Service with Irish Mugs the cost is $2.00 per person.
Cake Service:
The staff at Graves’ Mountain Lodge will cut the cake at no cost and will provide a cake knife if desired. Please advise the Events Coordinator of the name and telephone number of the bakery you are contracting to do your wedding cake.
Carving Station:
If you wish to have a meat carving station, there will be an extra expense for the carver, the carving board and heat lamp. This cost is $135.00.
Champagne toasts are an additional expense. You will pay for the champagne, the use of the champagne flutes, and wait staff to pass the champagne around if so desired. The cost for the flutes is $2.00 per person plus the cost for the champagne.
Wedding and Reception Decorations:
Decorations for the wedding are your responsibility. If your location is the picnic pavilion and the surrounding areas, then that area will be available to you all day on the day of the wedding for decorating and, if possible, starting at 10:00 a.m. the day prior to your event. All decorations must be removed immediately following your event. If necessary, an extension may be granted at a cost of $200.00, assuming the pavilion is not rented the following day. Decorations can then be removed the next morning between 10:00 a.m. and noon. No exceptions.
The area where the bars and stage is located can be removed. Should this be done, the extra charge for the relocation of these areas is $300.00 per bar or stage.
Two highchairs are provided complimentary, additonal highchairs are available at a charge of $5.00 each if desired.
Children under the age of four years old have not been included in the price quote for your reception. A final head count including the adults and the children over the age of four years old, must be given to Graves’ Mountain Lodge two weeks prior to event. This will be the minimum number charged. There is no exception to this. Virginia Sales Tax, Madison County Meal Tax and Gratuity will be added to this price. Graves Mountain also needs the total number of children under the age of four years old.
Bathroom Facilities at the Outdoor Pavilion:
Porta-potties are available at no cost. Weather permitting, two will be located near the outdoor pavilion for the wedding reception. Also, guests may use the bathroom facilities located at the main Lodge.
Down Til Now – a Rock bandAdditional Considerations: Clergy or Magistrate, Flowers and other Decorations, Wedding Cake and Delivery, Wedding Favors, Photographer/ Videographer and Music

Graves’ Mountain has three lodgesand a wide selection of cabins to accommodate you and your out-of-town guests for the weekend. We will hold a block of rooms for your guests until one month prior to the wedding date. Any room that is not reserved by the assigned cut-off date will be released to the general public. Rates and deposit information can be found on our rate card.

A minimum stay is required for weekend weddings. Redwood Suites and the Kite House are perfect locations for wedding guests to stay while at Graves’ Mountain Lodge. These accommodations can be reserved for a minimum of three nights. The remaining accommodations require a two-night stay. There is no exception to this rule.

Once your wedding plans are confirmed, we encourage you to inform your guests immediately of the lodging available. Deposits are required to secure the reservation. Should your wedding guests need to cancel their reservation, a two-week cancellation notice prior to the arrival date is necessary to refund the deposit.

More Considerations:

Graves’ Mountain Jams and Jellies Your Events Coordinator can help you with your order
Bonfire $95.00
S’Mores $5.50 per person
Firewood $95.00
Heater Including Fuel $200.00
Apple Crates for Decorating $5.00 each (must be returned)
Hay Bales $10.00 each
Television $30.00 per day
LCD Projector
Laptop Compatible
$115.00 per day
VCR/DVD $30.00 per day
PA System $70.00 per day
Hay Rides $250.00 per use or one hour. The bride or wedding party may choose to arrive to the wedding site in one of our hay wagons. Also hay rides can be available for guests during your wedding weekend., rehearsal dinner or wedding reception.
Alcohol Information
All alcoholic beverages served inside the Lodge or at the picnic pavilions must be provided by Graves’ Mountain Lodge, Inc. A Graves’ Mountain Lodge bartender is required whenever alcoholic beverages are to be served at catered or non-catered events. Bartender services for groups under 20 guests is $30.00 per hour. For groups of 20 and over, bartender services are $20.00 per hour, per bartender. Graves’ Mountain Lodge will determine how many bartenders are needed based on the number of guests and requested services. (Must have two bartenders per 100 people. We will be happy to order any brand of alcohol of your choice that would be available from our primary vendors. Under these circumstances, you will be billed for the amount you have requested us to order. Beers, wines and spirits not in stock must be ordered at least one month in advance. Any spirits that you have asked Graves’ Mountain Lodge to order especially for your event must be be paid in full prior to the event date. Under prior approval by Graves’ Mountain Lodge management, event hosts may bring their own wine. A $7.50 corking fee per 750 ml wine bottle will be charged. The event host will be responsible for removing unopened wine bottles immediately after the event is over. The Staff at Graves’ Mountain Lodge has the authority to refuse service to anyone. Absolutely no one under 21 years old will be served an alcoholic beverage by the Graves’ Mountain Lodge staff. Guests will need to be prepared to present the proper identification if requested.All beverages will be served in plastic containers unless prior arrangements have been made by the event host to use glasses. An additional cost will incur.

If you continue your party after leaving the picnic shelter or Lodge location, you will be responsible for cleaning up the area where the party continues. Should excessive clean up be required the following day, you will incur a clean-up fee based on the condition of the area.

Alcohol Beverage Information
An event host has a choice of an Open Bar (beverage charges will be placed on the master bill) or a Cash Bar (the guest pays for the beverage). Either choice, a Cash or an Open Bar will require a bartender. The bartender charge for groups over 20 is $20.00 per bartender, per hour. A second bartender is necessary for groups over 75 guests. Please allow at least a one-month notice when deciding all alcohol beverage requests. If you would like for us to serve liquor, the hosts has a choice of serving Premium brands or lower-priced Spirts.
Premium Brands
Jack Daniel’s Black Label
Virginia Gentleman Bourbon
Beefeater Gin
Henry McKenna Bourbon
Maker’s Mark Bourbon
Jim Beam Bourbon
J & B Rare Scotch
Gordon’s Dry Gin
Dewar’s White Label Scotch
Canadian Mist Whisky
Absolut Vodka
Bacardi Light Rum
Scoresby Scotch Whiskey
Smirnoff Vodka
Bowman’s Vodka
Open Bar Costs
Cash Bar Costs
Premium Brand
Soft Drinks
Beer Information
The following beers can be served at a Graves’ Mountain Lodge reception, social hour or picnic and can be charged for the amount ordered and not by the glass. Please specify special beer orders at least one month prior to your event date.
Amstel Light, Case
Michelob, 1/4 Keg
Amstel Light, 2/5 Keg
Mich or Mich Light , 1/2 Keg
Bass Ale, Case
Red Hook, 1/2 Keg
Bass Ale, 1/2 Keg
Magic Hat, Case
Bud/Bud Light, Case
Magic Hat, 1/6 Keg
Bud/Bud Light 1/4 Keg
Magic Hat, 1/2 Keg
Bud/Bud Light 1/2 Keg
Rolling Rock, Case
Coors/Coors Light, Case
Rolling Rock, 1/2 Keg
Coors/Coors Light, 1/4 Keg
Sam Adams, Case
Coors/Coors Light, 1/2 Keg
Sam Adams, 1/6 Keg
Guinness Stout, Case
Sam Adams, 1/2 Keg
Guinness Stout, 1/2 Keg
Stella Artois, 1/2 Keg
Heineken, Case
Yuengling Lager/Light, Case
Heineken, 2/5 Keg
Yuengling Lager, 1/4 Keg
Michelob Light, Case
Yuengling Lager, 1/2 Keg
Michelob, 1/6 Keg
Wine Information
The following wines can be served at a Graves’ Mountain Lodge reception, social hour or picnic and can be charged number bottles opened and not by the glass. Please specify the wines selected at least one month ahead of your event.
House Wines Sparkling Wines and Ciders
Chardonnay & Merlot
Martini & Rossi $21.10
White Zinfandel
J. Roget $21.10
Half Carafe $5.75
Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Cider $5.15
Carate $10.50
Virginia Wines (by the 750 ml bottle)
Red Wines
White Wines
Prince Michel Cabernet Sauvignon $19.05 Barboursville Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc $21.65
Barboursville Cabernet Sauvignon $21.65 Barboursville Vineyards Pinot Grigio $25.00
Prince Michel Merlot $19.05 Prince Michel Chardonny $19.05
Sweely Estates Cabernet Franc $22.65 Rapidan River Semi-Dry Riesling $14.45
Sweely Estates Merlot $21.65 Rapidan River Chardonnay Unoaked $15.85
Sweely Estates 1867 Meritage (2006 Vintage) $32.95 Sweely Estates Chardonny $22.65
Blush Wines Sweely Estates Viognier 2006 $24.75
Barboursville Vineyards Cabernet Blanc $16.25
These prices are subject to a gratuity, 5% VA Sales Tax and a 4% Madison Co. Meals Tax. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notification.