July 4 Celebrations for Madison County – Supporting Madison Fire & Rescue, as always, Country Style in the Valley

July 4 Fireworks in Madison County VA supporting Fire & Rescue by stepheninva
YouTube with squeals and and big bangs – by our friend

With Health and Safety provisions in place, please.
Stay in family groups separated from another group.
Please stay by your car.
There is no food service, bar, or music for the general event.
Health of the attendees is the prime concern, please.

July 4 Celebrations Madison County at Graves Mountain Farm – for all of Madison County and our summer visitors.
Admission is Free

July 4 Parking - donations to Madison County Fire & Rescue Volunteers
Fireworks – Madison County
AND all parking donates to our partners
Madison Volunteer Fire Dept. and Madison Volunteer Rescue Squad

Admission is Free

  • Fireworks around 9 PM